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At Annastacia we want you to get lost in YOU, indulge in looking your very best. Calmly caring for yourself can be a sweet and nutritious home spa experience.

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- About The Brand -

About Annastacia

Annastacia began out of a stay at home mother pursuit to find skin care product that worked for her family's diverse skin types. Bath time was a chore with everyone needing different products, not to mention EXPENSIVE! When she started with the body butter she had an infant suffering from eczema, a husband with sensitive and dry skin, another son with combination skin and she herself was trying to regain some of the skin elasticity that she had lost during her pregnancies. After lots of trial and error the current recipe for our Whipped Body Butter was born. Over the last 3 years the other products developed rounding out an entire bathing experience, that is not only indulgent enough for her but just what the whole house needed.  Bath Candies that were not only a relaxing moment for mom in the tub but also fizzy, colorful fun for her children. Nourishing Soap that hydrates you and leaves him feeling squeaky clean.

Indulging Home Spa Body Care

Far too often we women forget to put ourselves first and self-care takes a back seat to school, work, motherhood and other trying matters. While there is no doubt that we are all wonder women, there is no denying that we could use a little indulgence to keep our skin looking and feeling its best.


Annastacia is a skincare brand that promotes a healthy alternative in the home spa and body care industry. This company believes that the best body care should not only make you look good but should make you feel good. It is our goal to make a line of skincare products that uses the best combination of natural ingredients to indulge the whole body.

Ingredients Found in Nature

Today there is no shortage of voices telling us what beauty is, but why can't that beauty be good for us inside and out.  There is an abundance of  brands that make us look pretty while they are on but Annastacia wants you to look good with nothing on. That is possible with natural products, you can achieve moisturized, smooth skin with countless naturally rich vitamins and essential fatty acids to keep us looking our best longer.